"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world
around you because the greatest secrets are
always hidden in the most unlikely
places. Those who don't
believe in magic will
never find it."

This morning I found myself looking through some of the pictures I have been taking over the last year, and that was when I stumbled over these pictures from one day Marius and I spent in Burleigh. I absolutely love them, especially the last one of Marius hand! I usually always bring my camera with me, and I have to admit that sometimes I feel a little bit awkward when I am pulling it up from my bag to take some pictures, but you know what? It's worth it! It makes me so happy that I am able to go "back in time" and review something that have happened in my life. Most of the times when I take pictures, it's not of a special moment or anything like that, but it's weird, because when I have a look at them maybe a year later, they feel so special to me! Anyone that feels the same?



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Ida Margrethe Stol

02.03.2016 kl.07:59

Fantastisk nydelige bilder! :D


02.03.2016 kl.08:00

Ida Margrethe Stol: Tusen takk! :)

Henriette Celin

02.03.2016 kl.13:08

Vakre bilder! og helt sant den teksten om magi ^^

fler det akkurat snn selv ja. Har en haug med bilder fra Singapore da jeg var der med bestevenninnen min, og de er noe av det fineste jeg har. Er s flott der, og elsker se tilbake p dem. Snn er det s og si med alle andre bilder ogs da, men Singapore er noe eget ;-)


02.03.2016 kl.13:20

Henriette Celin: Tusen takk! Ja, det er noe magisk ved kunne se tilbake p bilder :)

Henriette Celin

02.03.2016 kl.13:32

SV: Det er det ^^

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