You know what? I feel like it's time that you guys get to know me a little bit better! I love to post pictures and write here on my blog, but I feel like I tend to write a little bit unpersonal.. So I thought, why not share a few fun facts about me with you! 

Let's get started..

>> I love to hike and be outside in the nature all by myself and just think. I'm such a big philosopher and I think about all kinds of stuff. It's not like I'm worried about something or anything like that. I just like to think about everything.

>> I used to be really shy when I was younger, but it was something that really bothered me, so I started to challenge myself to be more outgoing and I think it worked pretty well because I'm not shy anymore!

>> When I was younger I used to compete in rabbit show jumping. No joke! Me and my friends got really into it and made our own club, arranged competitions and got our parents to drive us around to all these rabbit shows..

>> I also used to compete in equestrian. I started riding horses when I was 5 years old and quit right before I turned 17. My last pony died and after that I felt like I needed a break, because it really broke my heart..


>> My second year of High School I moved to the US to do an exchange year there, but I had to move back to Norway after only a few months because I got ill..

>> Even though I went to High School in the US and now are studying in Australia, English was never my favorite subject in school and I found it really hard. I was always so afraid to speak English in class because I felt like the other students and the teacher were judging me, but when I started to travle I didn't feel embarassed at all because I knew that as long as people could understand me they would be impressed!

>> I'm vegan and I have almost been for two years already. My anniversary is in May!

>> I barely eat candy and junk now, but I used to be the biggest sugar addict ever! I'm pretty sure that my diet was like 90% candy and 10% real food..


>> I'm super silly and I don't feel like I'm 21 at all. When people ask me how old I am, the first number that pops into my mind is 17. Guess I'm a little bit denial.. 

>> I'm obsessed with lace and my dream is to have a closeth full of withe lace dresses, tops and skirts. I seriously can't think of anything more beautiful!

>> I'm super afraid of fish and I freak out if I see a fish when I'm swimming. The suprising thing is that I haven't seen a single fish when I have been swimming here in Australia, and I'm not just swimming in the pool..





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Henriette Celin

27.02.2016 kl.19:59

S interessante fakta (:

Jeg er ogs redd for fisk nr jeg bader i sj, haha.

og jeg fler meg heller ikke som den alderen jeg er (20),

og glemmer ofte at jeg er 20. Fler meg 17/18 enda x)

Morsomt det med kanin show. Stt ;3


27.02.2016 kl.21:55

Henriette Celin: Takk! Haha, jeg som trodde man skulle fle seg voksen nr man ble 20!

Henriette Celin

28.02.2016 kl.22:05

SV: Haha. Ja, det trodde jeg og ;o

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