A few years ago when I first started running, I made a huge mistake.. I thought I should start running because I had heard that it was really good for you and that it was a good way to get in shape. I had never really been into any other sports than equestrian before that, and I had absolutely no idea of what I was doing. The only thing I thought I knew was that I should try to run as long as I could before stopping. I also knew that I had to wear some kind of gym shoes, but I didn't really think that it mattered what kind of gym shoes it was. I thought all gym shoes were equal. Guess I was wrong.. After running for only a few weeks in my old gym shoes that I had from secondary school, I started to feel that my legs were protesting. Whenever I was running I got really bad pains in my chins. The pain became so bad that I started having problem walking normal, so I figured out that I had to take a little break. It took maybe a few weeks to the pain was gone so I could start running again. But the problem was that whenever I started running again, the pain came back only after one or two runs. At that time I was so uneducated that I couldn't find any solution to the problem. Therefore, I concluded that my body wasn't made for running and stopped doing it.It wasn't before my mom re-introduced me to running around two year ago that I found the real cause of the problem. It wasn't that my body wasn't made for running, the problem was my shoes! After seeing a specialist I found out that I'm overpronating. Overpronation is when the foot rolls in excessively, or at a time when it shouldn't. Over time, overpronating can lead to a lot of different injuries. Chin splints is one of them, and it's also what I struggeled whit for quite some time. My first pair of good running shoes was a pair of Mizono shoes. They felt like a dream compared to my old shoes and they were actually meant for running, something my old gym shoes wasn't. Since then, I have tried a few different brands and models and I have found myself a favorite pair of shoes - Asics Gel Kayano! I have had four pair of them already and I don't think I will buy another brand or model before they stop producing these. They are the perfect shoes for me and I haven't felt any pain in my legs since I started using this model. I have to say that I don't think they are the best looking shoes on the marked, but that isn't why I bought them either.

My best recommendation for someone that is new to running, is to stop caring about how the shoes look and start focusing on how they feel on your feet! I see so many people running with shoes that look great, but obiously isn't hade for running. The worst thing is see is when people are running in Nike Air shoes or something simmilar. Those kind of shoes are alright if you run maybe once a month on soft ground, but not if you run often on concrete like most people do. I have a rule and that is that I can wear cool and good looking shoes when I go to the gym, and functional shoes when I'm running. It's so important to take care of your body before it's too late! So next time you are buying a pair of running shoes, talk to a specialist that can help you find the perfect shoe for you, so you can run happily ever after!




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18.02.2016 kl.17:50

Exactly. My legs are the same, I really need to get a good pair of running shoes. Thanks for reminding me! :)


18.02.2016 kl.23:51

Nienna: Yeah, it's so important! But it's good that you are aware of it already! :) xx


18.02.2016 kl.19:03

Jeg har brukt feil sko under lping, n er fttene helt delagte. Ikke bra! Jeg m skaffe meg noen bra lpesko. :-)


18.02.2016 kl.23:52

Elena: Uff, det hrtes ikke noe deilig ut! Sko er viktigere enn man tror! Du fr ha lykke til med finne et par som passer deg perfekt! :) xx


21.02.2016 kl.15:31

Du er superfin! <3 og det er skoene ogs! dr av drlig sko


21.02.2016 kl.23:48

pappasdatter: Jeg og! Haha, sko er s viktig!


21.02.2016 kl.23:49

Ja, viktigere enn man tror!

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