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This is why I usually get up one hour before I have to in the morning! I love (read: need) to relax a little bit before my day officially starts. A bowl of oatmeal made with rice milk, topped with a hand of berries is seriously the best breakfast I know. It's the perfect addition to any morning. It's healthy, super yummy and it's filling without being too heavy for my stomach. Until recently, I have always made my oatmeal with just water - even before I went vegan. I have never really enjoyed cows milk and I didn't know about any other alternatives. When I went vegan I found out that it's actually heaps of other options like rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, oat milk and probably many more. Since milk never really have been a part of what I eat, I never missed it after ditching animal products, but I wanted to try some of the vegan milks just to see what they tasted like. I have to say that not all of them appealed to me, but when I tried rice milk I knew from the first sip that this relationship was going to last! When I buy rice milk I buy the one without any added sugars, but it still taste super sweet and delicious! I got my boyfriend to try it as well and I think he is just as in love with it as I am. The other day he bought a liter carton and drank it in one night. So if you haven't tried it yet, my suggestion is that you buy it the next time you are at the grocery store! It cost about 2.50 bucks here in Australia, which equals around 15 NOK. So you have nothing to lose!


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Henriette Celin

10.02.2016 kl.10:29

Virker som en veldig god og sunn frokost ja, men den melken du snakker om har jeg faktisk ikke prvd. Hrtes lovende ut da, s tror jeg m ta meg en tur i butikken og lete etter den :-D


10.02.2016 kl.10:33

Henriette Celin: Ja, anbefaler deg virkelig prve den! :)

Veronica Bizzarri

10.02.2016 kl.15:34

I love starting the day with oatmeal it's a great way to start the day :) your one looks really yummy i need to try it with rice milk xx


10.02.2016 kl.21:17

Veronica Bizzarri: It really makes a big difference! xx

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