I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to post a recipe here on my blog, so guess what I have been doing today? Yup, I have been cooking a delicious dish to share with you guys! I see and hear about more and more people everyday that want to reduce their meat consumption and since I have been vegan for almost two years now (anniversary in May!) I have made a lot of vegan food. One thing I hear a lot from people that want to reduce meat and dairy is that they don't know what to eat and I think that is understandable. I mean, most of us have been growing up with animal products. But that doesn't necessary mean that it have to be hard to find something else to eat. You just have to think a little bit out of the box. Just think about how many different vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes that exists!

The dish I will be showing you today is a dish inspired from Thailand. In 2012 I went to Thailand with my mom and we ate so much delicious food! All of my favorite dishes from that trip had a few things in common - lots of lime, coconut milk and some kind of salty taste. This dish is inspired by the traditional Pad Thai and it have all of my favoriteelements in it. So let's get started, shall we?

This recipe will give you about 4-6 servings, depending on the serving size.

(I forgot to write mushrooms. You need lots of mushrooms! They are so yummy!)





I hope you liked this recipe and that you try it out yourself! It's seriously so good and it doesn't hurt that it's super healthy as well! Before I end this post, I just wanted to give you a tip. If you aren't making food for your wholefamily, dividethe food you don't eat into serving boxes and keep them in the fridge. Then you don't have to make either lunch or dinner for a few days! Lately I have been obsessed with food prepping. It feels so good to not make food every single day for every meal! And it's so much easier to stay healthy! I have been prepping food for both me and my boyfriend since we got back to Australia and he loves it as well!


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Henriette Celin

06.02.2016 kl.11:53

Ser helt nydelig ut!

en spennende rett :-D

mye mat man kan lage uten kjtt ogs ja,

det finnes jo s mange grnnsaker, frukt, osv. som du sier ^^


07.02.2016 kl.00:45

Henriette Celin: Takk! Ikke sant :)

Iselin Rene

06.02.2016 kl.12:37

Det s spennende ut :)


07.02.2016 kl.00:45

Iselin Rene: Takk :) Anbefales!

Anna - Alina

06.02.2016 kl.14:53

Great blog, so if you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥


07.02.2016 kl.00:45

Anna: Thank you! :)

Henriette Celin

07.02.2016 kl.00:48

SV: Takk (:


08.02.2016 kl.10:39

oh that looks soooo delicious


08.02.2016 kl.12:32

Michle: Thank you sweetie!

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