On Friday it was Perry's birthday, so to celebrate him we headed down to the beach and chilled there for a while with some good music and something good to drink. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend as much time at the beach as we wanted because it suddenly started to rain cats and dogs, literally.. So we headed back to our apartment and chilled there for a little hour before we went out to dinner. We went to a place called 'Longboards' down in Surfers Paradise and they had the most amazing vegan burger I have ever tried before! Not the healthy kind of burger, but I have no regrets! After dinner we headed back to the apartment and sat on the balcony for a few hours. Laughed, joked, and talked about all kinds of things. I think it's so sad that Friday was one of the last days I get to spend with Madde and Perry like this, at least for a while. Madde and Perry is moving back to Sweden in only two weeks and before that they are going to New Zealand, so we only have a few days together with them before they leave.. I guess we have to make the most of the days they still are here!



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Henriette Celin

31.01.2016 kl.14:22

For en fin måte å feire bursdag på!

men kjedelig at dere ikke fikk bli så lenge på stranden pga. regn :-/

men i godt selskap spiller det jo nesten ingen rolle hvor man er (:

dumt at de skal reise til Sverige. Du får være med de så mye du kan når de fortsatt er der med deg som du sier. Ha en finfin søndag <3


01.02.2016 kl.05:18

Henriette Celin: Ja, det var en veldig fin dag! Veldig dumt at de skal hjem, men vi får nok en veldig fin tid sammen før de drar, også ses vi jo igjen en eller annen gang :) Du får ha en fin dag du også, Henriette! <3

Henriette Celin

01.02.2016 kl.09:54

SV: Ja, det skjønner jeg. Og det får dere nok (:

sant det! takk<3

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