Relaxing Morning

Good morning! Or, it's almost 2 pm but I'm still in my sweatpants trying to decide what to do.. I'm going to Beitostølen tomorrow so I defiantly have to start packing, but other than that I don't have too much on my agenda. 

It finally started to snow yesterday and I was happy to see that it didn't melt away over night! I have really missed being in the cold lately. When I'm in Australia and the sun is shining almost every day, I constantly feel like I have to do something. I usually like to do things all the time, but sometimes it's good to just relax and watch a movie or a series all day while drinking something warm. You know what I mean?

I think Kåre really enjoy being inside and relax as well!

How adorable doesn't Bella look here? I can't even.. She is just too cute! I'm so happy to be back home and spend some time with my cats and dogs as well. I have missed them so much!

What are you guys doing today?



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