2nd day of Christmas


Hi guys! I don't have much to say today, I just wanted to say hi. I started this morning with a hike together with my dad and one of my dogs. It was so exhausting and my throat and lungs were hurting so much from the cold winter air, but it was amazing when we reached the top of the mountain! The sun rise very late here in Norway at the moment, so even though we didn't get to the top before 10:30 am or something, the sun was still on it's way up. It was so beautiful and I really wanted to capture the moment through a lens, but unfortunately my phone died.. So I guess that's a good reason to hike up there again before I go back to Australia!

Tonight I'm going out together with some friends and I don't even feel a little bit guilty for doing nothing until then! Today is all about relaxation! I even treated myself with a face mask. Do you guys have any plans for today/tonight?


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Henriette Celin

27.12.2015 kl.08:40

S herlig med en snn tur! og hvertfall nr man fr se solen st opp :-D

ha en fin 3 juledag <3

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